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More Than Just 'Another' Gratitude Journal

This 12-week guided journal makes practicing gratitude easy with unique and inspiring writing prompts, positive affirmations, motivational quotes and questions designed to help you get unstuck and start attracting a life you love.

Scientifically Designed To Cultivate Happiness

We've designed our journals to actually make a difference. There is SO much scientific proof that having a grateful mindset is beneficial to your mental health. When you're grateful you sleep better, you're happier, you have better relationships, your motivation levels increase... the list is endless.

Also, did you know that when you think of something you appreciate, your brain releases oxytocin and decreases cortisol levels? Basically, being grateful is good for your health, making journaling the perfect place to begin!

Simple & Easy To Use

Always wanted to journal but don’t know where to start? No worries! Unlike other journals, ours is filled with a different set of thoughtful writing prompts to inspire change (which repeat every 4 weeks) - we did this for a reason; the power of repetition.

Repetition creates the strongest learning and mindset shifts. Think of this journal like you're studying how to become a better you and watch the magic unfold.

Unmatched Quality & Design

Our journals aren't the typical black-and-white, fill-in-the-blank, repetitious style notebook *yawn*... no no no.

We carefully created our journals with luxury in mind and filled our pages with fresh inspiring affirmations, hired artists to design beautiful daily quotes, provide you with thoughtful weekly check-ins, inspire you with unique ideas for random acts of kindness AND they come printed in full vibrant colour on 120gsm paper so you don't have to worry about the pages being thin or falling out.

They're also designed with an elastic band, pen loop, ribbon bookmark, and pocket at the back to store additional notes, and in a variety of colors to suit your personal style - you're guaranteed to look forward to opening your journal every day.

A Beautiful Gift

While other journals come carelessly thrown inside a flimsy envelope, each of our gratitude journals comes lovingly packaged inside a luxury, gift-ready box ready to spoil your friends (or yourself).  

Bee The Best You Gratitude Journal + Bonus Bundle

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What others have to say about using our journals...

Inspiring Reviews

Kelsey Sorenson

"I’ve looked through many gratitude journals in my years of being obsessed with self-help; however, this one is a cut above the rest. I love that it gives ideas for random acts of kindness. This journal will help any woman make gratitude a daily practice with ease.

Laura Jackson

"This journal is an absolute game changer. It gets my morning off to a wonderful start - and it only takes 5 minutes. I absolutely love the prompts. Get yourself a copy, you will not regret it!"

Amanda Quinn

"This journal is absoultely beautiful and such high quality! I love that it comes packaged in an elegant box. I look forward to using it every day and seeing what inspiring quote will be next."

Jill stevenson

" I love it for the simplicity but also for the power that it holds!'

"I created Bee The Best You Journal because I know the power of journaling but struggled with journaling on empty pages. I wanted something that not only looked pretty but inspired me every day and allowed me to do the inner work I needed to grow without thinking of how to do it."            

             - Kara Charron, Founder

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Our journals are for anyone looking for a practical and easy-to-use journal to create positive change in their life. If you are looking to eliminate stress and overwhelm, break-free from limiting beliefs and create a life you love - then this is for you!

Unlike other gratitude journals ours comes filled with unique writing prompts to inspire change (which repeat every 4 weeks) - we did this for a reason; the power of repetition!

We also designed it to have a new affirmation and inspirational quote every day to get your morning off to a great start.

Our journals come printed in full colour on 120gsm paper (which means the pages are strong so your pen won't leak through and they won't fall out!).

They're also designed with a pen loop, ribbon bookmark, back pocket and and elegant elastic band.

Our number one priority is your happiness, if you don't love using our Gratitude Journal we will offer a full, money-back guarantee. No time limit. No questions asked.

We are currently in pre-launch and journals are expected to ship middle to end of Feb 2023. You will be emailed once your journal has been shipped.

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