7 Affirmations That Will Help You Become Body Positive

7 Affirmations That Will Help You Become Body Positive

These positive affirmations for body image can help you appreciate your body and give yourself the love you deserve.

We see it almost everywhere; “Body positivity!”, “Love the skin you're in!” It’s a relatively new phenomenon where brands; who were once shoving unattainable beauty standards in our faces, are now advocating for inclusivity. And while body positivity is a great message for brands to promote, reading an ad that says, “love your body”, might not do the trick. 

Changing the way you view your body will not happen with a snap. Body image is a deep-rooted subject in our brains; your experiences, memories, and lessons, all shape the way you view your body today. It takes some rewiring and inner work, but I'm 100% sure that every person reading this can achieve a confident body image, with a little bit of work. 

A Healthy Body Image Can Change Your Life

The relationship you have with your body affects almost every relationship you have in your life; with food, other people, love, and even your career. 

When you have a poor self-image you become more negative. You’re more likely to experience feelings of shame, anxiety, and self-consciousness. When these negative emotions add up and become too much to handle, all areas of your life will be negatively affected. 

To live a full and happy life, we need a positive self-image. We thrive with the confidence that comes with accepting ourselves. When we’re confident we are more likely to become successful; we’re happier, and our relationships with others are greater. 

Consider a scenario where you have to show your confidence - perhaps you’re asking for a raise in your salary, the more confidence you have the more likely you are to get that raise. 

It may be hard to understand how body image affects that particular scenario, but it’s more than just the way you view your body - it’s how you view yourself as a whole. For most, body image plays a huge role in their overall view of themselves. This is why accepting your body is a great way to begin accepting yourself entirely. 

How Affirmations Can Help 

Many of us have negative self-thoughts, and affirmations help to reconstruct those thought patterns. The trick to using them correctly is to create a list of carefully thought-out phrases that your mind will actually believe. If you look in the mirror and automatically think, “I hate my body”; simply saying the opposite - “I love my body” won’t work. Your brain is smart, and it will know you’re lying. When it comes to affirmations, you're trying to convince your mind into exploring the positive sides of situations. 

“I am” statements are a really helpful exercise, for example, “I am learning how to love my body”, or, “I am not defined by what my body looks like; I’m so much more than that”, are two powerful examples of how you can use affirmations to reframe your thoughts.

If you’re having trouble turning your negative thoughts into positive affirmations, here's a list of 7 affirmations you can use:

7 Body Positive Affirmations That Actually Work

  1. My body deserves to be loved.
  2. I enjoy feeling good in my body.
  3. Changes in my body are normal and welcomed.
  4. Loving my body is a demonstration of power.
  5. I am working on loving my body more each day.
  6. My body is worthy of love and respect as it is.
  7. My self-worth is not tied to how I look in the mirror or how much I weigh.

Try saying one of these affirmations out loud every day for one week. You might feel self-conscious talking to yourself at first, but that part gets easier. The more you practice saying affirmations, the less taboo it becomes, and you'll soon reap the benefits of this practice. 

If you use any of these affirmations, let me know in the comments which one has the biggest impact on you! Or, if you use an affirmation that you love and don’t see on this list, comment it down below! It might change someone’s life.