6 Ways To Wake Up And Have A Positive Day

6 Ways To Wake Up And Have A Positive Day

6 simple things you can do to wake up and have a positive day.

How many times have you told yourself, "starting tomorrow, I am going to wake up without hitting snooze and have a proper routine!"...

...and then find yourself putting it off again for another day and choosing to sleep in over waking up earlier, skipping breakfast and rushing out the door?

Instilling new habits isn't an easy task. And often we don't stick to them because we set our expectations too high.

I want to help you change that by sharing 6 simple things you can do to wake up and have a positive day. Let's dig in...

1. Go To Sleep Before Midnight

It may be common sense but you'd be surprised how many people fight their body's natural desire to rest, and instead stay up late binging the latest series on Netflix or letting their mind race with thoughts about everything they want to do when night falls. 

But once you start going to bed earlier, you'll find that you'll get tired earlier. 

Build an evening routine that you look forward to and find relaxing. I personally love to pour herbal tea, get in my pyjamas, light a candle and journal.

2. Put Your Phone on Night Mode

If the first thing you do when you wake up is to check your phone for notifications, you are setting yourself up to start your day in a frenzy. 

Instead, put your phone on 'do not disturb' the night before and try not to look at it for the first hour of your day. This will help you wake up gently and peacefully.

3. Drink A Glass of Water

After going hours without water, placing a glass beside your bed to drink in the morning is a good way to hydrate your body and get you energized. 

The Ayurvedic technique of adding lemon to water helps remove toxins that may have built up overnight, provides a good source of vitamin C, and stimulates digestion.

4. Take A Moment for Gratitude

Before you even get out of bed, give yourself a few minutes to practice gratitude. When you reflect on what you're grateful for, it signals your brain to release feel-good hormones, which lift your mood and relax your body. Who wouldn't want to begin their day like that?

5. Get Up and Stretch

No matter how sleepy you are, if you can count down to 5 and get out of bed to stretch, you will feel more alert. 

Whether it’s a simple yoga routine, a brisk walk, or hitting the gym, starting off your day with movement energizes the body and the mind. 

6. Make Your Bed!

It may seem simple, or even unnecessary as you're going to get back into bed at night anyway, but making your bed is an easy thing you can do in the morning to start the day feeling accomplished. Plus, having a clean and tidy space helps to clear the mind. 

I know it sounds easy, but getting your life together and waking up early to have a productive day can be quite difficult,  especially if your schedule is tight and you put too many expectations on yourself. 

Just choose one of these 6 tips to get started and see how it can help you have a positive day.