6 Money Mantras to Live By For Financial Success

6 Money Mantras to Live By For Financial Success

Here's six of the most common (and powerful) money mantras, which cover everything from budgeting to supporting yourself and growing your savings. 
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Your mindset matters when it comes to money; what you think and how you feel about money can impact your bank balance. There's a reason why you hear the same advice about how to manage money over and over again; that's because these nuggets of wisdom work when it comes to building a steady financial future.  

In today's blog, we've gathered six of the most common (and powerful) money mantras, which cover everything from budgeting to supporting yourself and growing your savings. 

Pick a couple and start implementing them daily to help you on your journey to financial success:

1. "I have enough; I am enough."

Reminding ourselves that we are enough and have enough right now is probably one of the most important places to start when reframing your money mindset.

Most of us are caught in the never-ending rat race, never satisfied with where we are and what we have. But when you can cut the noise and have gratitude for what you have right now, you'll find getting more of what you desire easier.

This might sound crazy, but practice saying "I am" mantras multiple times a day and watch how your mindset can change and give you the confidence to move in the right direction. 

2. "I deserve abundance in all areas of my life."

While it's lovely to be financially abundant, it's also essential to have abundance (or to see the abundance) in all other areas of your life like happiness, creativity and love.

You are more than just your money; you'll find that when you experience other areas that light you up, managing money and making more will become a little easier.

3. "Save for the unexpected."

Here's some really practical advice for you - save for the unexpected.

When I was younger, I didn't think I had to save unless I had something particular I needed to save for. But sometimes, an out-of-nowhere medical emergency or an expensive car repair can crop up.

Things happen; it pays off to be prepared, and having a rainy day fund can help keep you out of debt.

How do you save? Depending on your situation, it's ideal for stashing away at least one month's take-home pay; once you've done that, continue to save up to three or even six months.

4. "Each day, I am closer to financial freedom."

Repeating this money mantra daily and trusting in yourself to reach your financial goals will help give you the momentum to go forth and work towards those goals each day.

Remember, every wise action and decision you make gets you one step closer to achieving your financial goals.

This leads nicely to the following mantra:

5. "I am in charge of my spending decisions."

Out-of-nowhere expenses aside, we're generally in control of the spending decisions we make. 

A tool to help you manage your spending is to record your expenses on a sheet so you can see your current outgoings and what you have left over.

This will help you feel more in control of what you're spending and better able to make decisions that align with your financial goals.

6. "Live below your means."

When you get a pay rise, it can be tempting to purchase luxury items or give your car an upgrade. Though if you can be disciplined, it's wise not to allow your spending to surge when the amount you have coming in increases so you can keep working towards your financial goals.

Living below your means makes sure that you always have enough money for unforeseen circumstances and savings for something that brings you joy, like a vacation or saving for a home.

This isn't always easy, especially if you have a mortgage and kiddos. But reviewing your current budget and making sure you have less money going out than coming in is a way to save smart and reach your goals.

Now that you've got six money mantras choose a couple that work for you and implement them daily. Saying mantras aloud has the power to change your beliefs around money and can help you take action towards your goals.