4 Benefits Of Having A Morning Meditation Practice

4 Benefits Of Having A Morning Meditation Practice

If starting a daily meditation practice seems daunting, don't worry - even the busiest of people can find a way to easily fit it in. Here's the benefits of meditation first thing in the morning.

Every one of us can benefit by starting the day with a morning meditation. 

It can help shake off that tired feeling and set the tone for the rest of the day, and become your anchor in the day which is often filled with unpredictable scenarios.

Benefits of Morning Meditation

If starting a daily meditation practice seems daunting, don't worry - even the busiest of people can find a way to easily fit it in.

In general, meditation is a time you set aside especially for you, to breathe, focus the mind and set yourself up to start the day calm and centered. And while there is an overwhelming number of meditations out there to choose from, there's really no 'wrong' way of doing it - all it requires is you and as little as five minutes to simply be.

Here's why incorporating a morning practice is beneficial:

1. You're More Likely To Make Healthy Decisions

Studies have shown that if you can add a morning meditation into your morning routine, you're more likely to make health-conscious decisions for the rest of the day. Just five minutes of stillness can shift your focus from physical to mental and helps bring you to a sense of calmness. 

2. Helps You React Positively To Situations

Countless events pop up throughout the day which are not in our control. It could be burnt toast, spilled coffee on your white shirt, the dog bringing mud through the house - the list is endless! What's more, if you don't take a moment to yourself before the day begins, these things can become harder to work through and we're more likely to respond with stress. 

That's where meditation comes in...

It's like strength training for the mind. Science has shown that daily practice strengthens the part of the brain responsible for higher-level thinking skills, which can provide the support you need to control how you react to different scenarios throughout the day.

3. Enhances Awareness

Like a monkey jumping from tree to tree, the mind easily jumps from one thought to another. (Also known as "monkey mind" in Buddhism.)

By having a wake-up meditation practice, you become more aware of your thoughts. You might notice thoughts racing, some making sense, and others not so much. Through regular practice, you can become the witness of your thoughts without letting them take the driver's seat, which can help move you into a compassionate state of being rather than a reactive one.

4. Gives You An Energy Boost

Meditating first thing in the morning releases endorphins that aren’t just good for your emotional well-being, They’re also energy boosters. 

Sitting down and tuning into your breath can help you feel more awake and alert. 

And, if you're a coffee drinker, you may find that you don't need to rely on it as much as you used to. This means you can say goodbye to that dreaded mid-afternoon energy slump.